Ida Zetterström


Name and car number: Ida Zetterström - TF94

What do you drive? Car and/or race types I currently run Top Fuel dragster in the FIA European drag racing series but have also competed in the EDRS and FIM series in the Super Street Bike class
How long have you been doing it? 20 years! Started when I was 8 years old in junior dragster

What got you started in motor sports? I grew up at the racetrack with my family and my dad worked with american cars, building race engines and working on various race cars while also racing different classes himself. So I grew up around the sport from the very beginning and it gave me a chance to fall in love with the sport for a really early age. My dad then let me get behind the wheel when I was 8 years old and the love for the sport has only grown stronger since then.  

Where do you call your home track? I don't really have a home track as there is no track on the island where I live but the closest one is Tierp Arena which have started to feel like a home track in many ways as we always have lots of fans, friends and sponsors coming to that track to cheer us on.

Where is your favorite track? I really like the Tierp track, it is a great facility. Santa Pod is also one of the best but the biggest show of the year is always on the legendary Hockenheim ring!

Why do you do it? It's the love for it. Being in that car, on the track and in the pit working with my team - it sets my soul on fire. There is nowhere else I feel more alive and when you feel like this, you know you can't stop working for it. It's not just those few second during the run on track, it is all the work before, after and in between, I love all of it.

What is something you would want a first timer to know?  If it's for a first time racer -Don't be afraid of being new, every one out there was a newbie at one time, remember to have fun and love what you do - the rest will follow! Also, don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help, we love new racers coming into the sport so I'm sure you will find many experienced racers that would love to share their knowledge.

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