Eily Stafford

Nostalgia Rear Engine Top Fuel Dragster and a Blown Alcohol Altered

How long have you been doing it:

I’ve been racing for 20 years.

What got you started in motor sports:

My Dad took me to the NHRA Winternationals when I was 12 years and I fell in love with the sound, the speed and the smell. My family has no background in drag racing. I decided to pursue it on my own.

Where do you call your home track:


Where is your favorite track:

Pomona will always be close to my heart since that is where I attended my first race, received my first NHRA license and made my first run in competition. But Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield is also a favorite!

Why do you do it:

I originally started drag racing because I fell in love with the sound, the speed and the smell. But then as I started to race I fell in love with the competition but now, the main reason I do it is because of the people in drag racing.

What is something you would want a first timer to know:

Take a deep breath. Take your time. And go step by step. If you’re doing a burnout don’t be thinking about how you’re going to pull of the race track.

Best piece of advice for anyone starting…You don’t have to go all the way down the track every single time. If something is wrong shut it off. You can always make another run.

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